Treatment Principles

P19Acupuncture has survived for over 3000 years because masters of this medicine have adapted the basic principles and techniques to create their own individual art-forms. In our modern Westernized world however, many acupuncturists now follow cookbook procedures and standardized treatment protocols, a paint by numbers approach. David Wurzel, proprietor of The Chi Farm and Licensed Acupuncturist, believes in the wisdom of the ancient masters and has developed his own unique style of treatment. Throughout the treatment process, regardless of why the individual patient has come to see him, David operates from the following principles:

  • I will help you, the patient, cultivate a better life, whether that means one with less physical or emotional pain, relief from digestive, breathing or reproductive disorders, overcoming addictions or mental health issues or simply a greater sense of well-being;
  • I do this by relying on the relationship between you, the patient, and me the practitioner;
  • This relationship is developed by utilizing what the ancient Chinese called the four inspections: to look, to hear, to ask, to feel. In other words, I promise to use all my senses to get to know who you are and what you are seeking from treatment;
  • You are the only one who knows how to be you; I must learn from you what you need;
  • I do not consider myself a healer, but rather someone who will help you facilitate your own personal healing;
  • I will tailor each treatment utilizing a variety of acupuncture techniques taught and practiced around the world;
  • By teaching other acupuncturists, students and healthcare practitioners I learn how to better serve you;
  • Educating you, the patient, is an important part of treatment

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