Addictions Treatment Support

addictionsphotoThere is often confusion and angst around the word addictions. While the term is commonly associated with drugs and alcohol, behaviors are very much addictions. In fact, most experts agree that addictions are really the behaviors exhibited by the substance-abusing individual. This differs from dependency, which is the physical component of substance abuse; this is the phenomenon from which individuals exhibit withdrawal symptoms.

    Generally there are four distinct behaviors associated with addictions:

  • loss of control
  • continued, compulsive use despite negative consequences
  • overwhelming involvement
  • tendency to relapse

It is learning how to overcome these behaviors that is the real work in recovery, whether it is from drug and alcohol abuse, compulsive eating, pessimistic thinking or being addicted to misery. To understand how these behaviors show up in each person’s life, we must take the time to be still and truly look inwards.

The Auricular Detoxification treatment allows each person to attain the stillness and internal quiet necessary to explore how the behaviors of addiction affect him or her. This acupuncture treatment also assists individuals during the acute detox phase, the 2 – 7 day period in which withdrawal symptoms are present. The treatment is not a replacement for conventional treatment and support meetings. Rather, it opens the doors to addictions treatment making all the components more effective. Once the recovering person had developed the internal strength necessary to explore his or her life, regular acupuncture treatment is warranted.

The Auricular Detoxification treatment involves the gentle placement of small acupuncture needles into 5 specific sites on each ear of a patient undergoing treatment. Clients report significant decreases in cravings, physical withdrawal symptoms, relapses, inpatient admissions, anxiety, insomnia and agitation. The treatment helps participants become relaxed and more comfortable with his or her own thoughts, enabling the recovering person to experience a sense of “letting go” of tensions and apprehensions, and supporting quiet participation in a group setting with others who are involved in the process of recovery.

David Wurzel has trained over 1,000 individuals in the protocol and is the founder of the Auricular Detoxification Society. He travels extensively teaching the procedure to acupuncturists, counselors, nurses and doctors. David has administered over 30,000 Auricular Detoxification treatments and is trained as a chemical dependency counselor.

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