Why The Chi Farm?

pic01David Wurzel, Chi Farm proprietor and acupuncturist, compares his work to that of a farmer. Just as a farmer cultivates the land to allow his crops to grow and proliferate, David helps his clients cultivate more fulfilling and pain free lives by removing obstructions to their health and well-being.

Most ancient healing traditions were based to some extent on the intangible part of life that makes each individual unique. The Chinese called it chi or qi (pronounced chee), the Japanese word ki is familiar to martial artists, and yoga practitioners work with prana. Chi is often translated as energy or vital force, but there is really no single word in the English language that fully conveys the concept. Chi is what gives us life and is life itself; it is what animates us, allows us to focus and to feel and be, to sense beauty and pain, to be who we are.

Health and disease from a Chinese medicine point of view are interrelated with the state of a person’s chi. When chi flows smoothly and appropriately for an individual, he or she is said to be in a state of wellness. If the chi is blocked or is not able to exist appropriate for the person, he or she will be sick. The overall outcome of acupuncture, or for that matter tai chi, qi gong, yoga or herbs, is to restore the person’s chi to its most harmonious state.

Life in ancient times was often centered on farming and the land and the Chinese used many analogies from this agrarian lifestyle to describe how chi moves in a person. Chi is said to flow from wells into streams, from mounds to valleys as it courses through channels in your body. What alters this appropriate flow? Dry, damp, heat, cold, wind are all said to be the climactic factors that result in and are the result of chi disturbances. In our modern world, physical injury, emotional pain and psychological stress all play major roles the disease process.

Just as each plant requires a unique combination of air, water, light and food to grow to its full potential, The Chi Farm will help you cultivate a better life by tailoring treatments to your individual needs.

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